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Information about free tutoring services are available in most towns and cities, and many offer help to all grade levels from elementary school through college. Even though college tutoring centers are the first recommended resources for university students who are struggling with their coursework, private tutoring companies are worth checking into in some situations. Depending on the school, tutoring centers may not always employ tutors with enough knowledge in highly specialized areas.Free tutoring programs are also available online in some cases. Many of these are run by companies that give new members a certain number of free tutoring sessions as an introductory offer. Before signing up for a free online tutoring website, students are encouraged to check out the credentials of the employed tutors and the overall reputation of the tutoring provider. Some sites that provide free tutoring sessions employ retired or current teachers who are licensed and experienced working with students of certain grade levels. Other tutoring companies are more lenient about their screening process, and the teaching experience of these online tutors can vary.

Public libraries are additional sources of free tutoring for elementary- through high school students. Tutors may only be available for basic subjects, but they often work as teachers and volunteer their time to tutor during the evenings and weekends. A number of these tutoring programs focus on adult literacy, and they can be great sources of help for returning college students who need to refresh some basic academic skills.

Free tutoring information is also available through online directories that list sources of tutoring by location. This site helps find a tutor near you: These sites are convenient because they save time for students who would rather have face-to-face tutoring sessions rather than sign up for virtual tutoring. The directories normally list basic information about each local tutoring center, including free introductory sessions, rates, hours of operation and subjects that each tutor specializes in.

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